Cautious Fuzz – page 15
Monday ? July 6th, 2009

Cautious Fuzz – page 15

A Word from Stan!

Cautious Fuzz

I can hardly believe it’s June already! Has Story Time With Stan! REALLY been going for more than 5 months already? It seems inconceivable!

Already there have been some changes and concessions to the demands of life. Originally, I wanted the site to update 5 days a week … and I still do WANT that. But it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to produce new material quickly enough to make that possible in the foreseeable future.

And speaking of NEW material, I guess a word or two needs to be said about the current story, Cautious Fuzz. It is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, so it really DOESN’T count as “new.” But the fact of the matter is that very few people have ever seen the tale. And, as the saying goes, if you haven’t seen it before then it’s “new” to you!

When I wrote and drew Cautious Fuzz back in 1989, I had the idea that it would make a good premise for a TV show or at least an ongoing series of comics. I even went so far as to layout most of a follow-up story to the one you’re reading now. But then I got this job in Japan teaching English and … well … plans changed.

I’d still like to revisit Droxine and the other members of the band. They continue to show up on my doodle sheets (and then make appearances at I’ve tweaked their looks a bit, but otherwise they’re still the same … still rocking out … and still wildly denying that they are ANYTHING like “Josie & the Pussycats.”

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey

Today is Edward Gorey‘s 83rd birthday … or would be, if he were still living, breathing, and writing new and macabre masterpieces like The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

Gorey has been a HUGE influence on me in many ways, though subject matter and art style are not necessarily among them. He built a terrific life and career out of following his muse, occasionally self-publishing, and not worrying about how different his work was from anything else in the world. Plus, the man was damn funny. I’m still hoping that Mooncusser Films manages to finish their long-in-development documentary about Gorey … the clips I’ve seen have been WONDERFUL.

What I’m aiming to do here at with Story Time With Stan! is VERY much influenced by Gorey, though I don’t think I’ve produced anything yet that really lives up to his example … I’m certainly working on it. And one upcoming project in particular is absolutely a tip of the hat to the master.

If you’ve got a copy of The Gashlycrumb Tinies, The Doubtful Guest, The Curious Sofa, or any of his other little books filled with big ideas … take it off the shelf and give it a read in honor of Mr. G.

Happy President’s Day!

I actually PURPOSELY chose to make George Washington and the Mt. Vernon Four the story for February BECAUSE I knew that Presidents Day was this month. No really, I think about these things.

The one thing I DIDN’T think about was making enough time to get the store up and running because I still have some print copies of the story remaining from the short run I did to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday. And what BETTER way would there have been for you to celebrate this day off from work than to buy a book from me?

Oh well. Maybe I’ll get my act together and put the store up in time to do a promotion on Washington’s actual birthday.

In any case, the store is coming soon … and it will open with at least 4 books for sale. (How’s THAT for starting big?) Tell your friends!

Or … y’know … once the store is open … THEN tell them. Right now it’s not really newsworthy.