About Story Time

Story Time With Stan! is a webcomic … sort of. If this is your first visit, you may want to start with the introductory message I posted for the site’s kick off.

Rather than one ongoing story with a single set of characters, though, Story Time With Stan! will have a series of stories — each with a beginning, middle, and end and its own setting and cast of characters. When one story ends, another will begin.

Of course, some characters may come back again … if I have other stories to tell about them. 

The goal as I start this project is to tell about a story a month. So if a particular tale is not your cup of tea, take a break for a few weeks and come back. The chances are pretty good that when you do, the story will be distinctly different.

A Word About Content

While many of the stories here will be suitable for all ages, they won’t all be. Story Time With Stan! is for all the tales I have to tell. The stories will tend toward a general audience … but some of them will be more challenging than others, and some may not be suitable for or even appeal to young children. If it helps, think of the content here like prime time TV fare … not all the shows are appropriate for all viewers.