Happy President’s Day!

I actually PURPOSELY chose to make George Washington and the Mt. Vernon Four the story for February BECAUSE I knew that Presidents Day was this month. No really, I think about these things.

The one thing I DIDN’T think about was making enough time to get the store up and running because I still have some print copies of the story remaining from the short run I did to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday. And what BETTER way would there have been for you to celebrate this day off from work than to buy a book from me?

Oh well. Maybe I’ll get my act together and put the store up in time to do a promotion on Washington’s actual birthday.

In any case, the store is coming soon … and it will open with at least 4 books for sale. (How’s THAT for starting big?) Tell your friends!

Or … y’know … once the store is open … THEN tell them. Right now it’s not really newsworthy.

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