Free Andi Watson!

Andi Watson is one of a handful of awesomely talented but often overlooked cartoonists doing weird, beautiful, brilliant work along the edges of the comics community. He’s been more successful than most, having his work published by Slave Labor, Oni, Dark Horse, Image, and now (apparently) Tor.

Maybe I feel a kinship with Andi because his work, like mine, is incredibly stylized … you can clearly recognize a piece by him and there aren’t any other people working in even similar styles. In that, I take him as an inspiration. He ALSO is doing a lot of “all ages” work (stories that have at least the trappings of children’s literature and are appropriate for young audiences) that is ALSO quite well suited for an adults (many of the jokes and details are aimed at a knowledgeable audience). His work on Glister in particular influenced my decision to press forward with some of the stories that will appear on Story Time With Stan! in the coming months.

Anyway, a new 15-page Andi Watson story has been put up on … check it out. I think you’ll like it.

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