Dr. Symm Saves the New Year – page 2
January 5th, 2009

Dr. Symm Saves the New Year – page 2


  1. Lem

    Hey Stan!,

    More navigation issues.

    When I go to your home page http://www.StoryTimeWithStan.com/, I always end up on your 4 Jan blog entry and 2 Jan story entry (even though there are newer entries). Note that there is no “next” enabled, and the calendar only shows content through the 4th of January.

    However, if I manually go to 4 Jan (click on 4 in the calendar), then the calendar now shows a 5 Jan entry (which wasn’t visible before). Clicking on it, I end up on the 5 Jan *archive*, which has no navigation. But if I click on it (the page of your story), I finally get to this page (https://www.storytimewithstan.com/2009/01/05/newyear02/), which is probably where I should have ended up way back at the start.

    However if I navigate”previous” I do get to the previous story page, but there’s no forward or “next” link. and the calendar shows no dates having content beyond 2 Jan.

    I’m not sure if everyone experiences this or not. This time I can replicate it pretty well.
    Clearing cache and/or forcing a page refresh doesn’t seem to help.

    I’m guessing that the intention is to have the home page display the latest story page (sort of like at the ten doctors site), but I could be wrong.

    I can take this offline with you and Chuck and whoever else if it’s not a widespread issue…


  2. admin

    Yeah … I think I’d like to get some advice from you guys. Maybe we should set up a time to chat on the phone (or via Skype or IM or whatever)

  3. Scoop

    Skype works for me. Most any time after 6pm EST is also good.