Dr. Symm Saves the New Year – page 1
January 2nd, 2009

Dr. Symm Saves the New Year – page 1


  1. Lem

    Yo Stan!

    You need a “next” link. When you follow today’s story “previous” you can’t walk forward again.

  2. admin

    Hey, Uncle Lem!

    Really? I don’t have that problem. When I go to a previous page, a “next” arrow pops up to the right of the “previous” one. Not sure what to do with a problem I can’t replicate.

    Does anyone else reading this have a problem similar to Lem’s?

  3. Lem

    I seem to no longer be able to replicate the problem, but I notice new content. Were you updating content this afternoon? Maybe it was a transiet problem.

  4. admin

    I did not upload any new content this afternoon. But now that you mention it, I have the same problem with each day’s content. The new content doesn’t show up until I either re-boot my browser (though clearing the cache MIGHT work, I haven’t tried it yet) or switched my login state vis-a-vis my administrator account.

    Don’t know what’s causing this … but I’m sorry to hear that it’s not JUST me that’s having the problem.